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how to place an order

Give us a call - 781-924-3719

This is the preferred meathod as we can ask all questions needed to confirm your order on the spot.

If you miss us  - place in inquiry or email

how to fill out an inquiry form

Fill out name, phone number, email address

Make sure to include guest count, cake flavor (& or pastry/cupcake flavor)

Most importantly, date of event.

Check over our cake/cupcake/pastry menus to pick what flavor(s) you'd like to have for your event.

Including as much detail as possible will allow us to accurately price your request and minimize multiple emails.

We customize as much as we possibly can, having an invite, color scheme, design ideas all help us get a vision together. If you have an attachment - email us directly -

an Inquiry is an inquiry - not a confirmed order

details are important!

what size cake should I order?

We'll advise you with options when you call based on your guest count and design ideas - there are options for single tiered cakes as well as tiered cakes for. Estimated guest count is okay to start! 
Our cakes taller than the grocery store cakes, you can get more slices from our sizes! 

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