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Our new storefront and kitchen are located at
962 Washington Street - Hanover

custom inquiries please call 781-924-3719 or pop into our Hanover shop!

please visit our cake menu to chose your custom flavor - we'll advise you on cake size depending on your guest count!

We ask for a 2 week notice on custom orders, but we do our best to accommodate - give us a call if you're within this window!

hanover                                                     mashpee commons
tuesday 10-6                                            closed monday & tuesday

wednesday 10-6                                        wednesday 11-5
thursday 10-6                                           thursday 11-5
friday 10-6                                               friday 11-6
saturday 10-6                                           saturday 11-6
sunday 9-4 (doughnuts!)                         sunday 11-5

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